• 1079 Life FM visits Resthaven for National Volunteers Week 2017

    Every year in May, Resthaven thanks volunteers for their commitment, enrichment and joy they bring to Resthaven. We admire the vital support they provide, by hosting Thank You High Teas across all areas of Resthaven. The High Tea theme for 2017 is: The threads of life – a yarn starts with “hello”.

    This year, Jodie the Roady from LifeFM visited head office on Monday 8 May to present Stacey Thompson, Manager, Volunteer Services, with a ‘Heart for Adelaide certificate (an award to recognise volunteers), as part of their ongoing promotions.

    Volunteers had a chance to talk about why they volunteer, and joined the team live in the studio.

    ‘Volunteers are a vital part of the Resthaven community,’ said Stacey.

    ‘Every year in May, to tie in with National Volunteer Week, we say how much we appreciate them by hosting ‘Thank You High Teas’ across all Resthaven areas.’

    ‘Each volunteer is a thread that connects, uniting people who live with us and people we support at home.’

    Find out more about volunteering with Resthaven