• Henny Penny brings joy at Resthaven Mitcham

    The ‘Henny Penny’ Hatching Program is once again bringing much joy to the residents, staff and families of Resthaven Mitcham, as they delight in watching the baby chicks hatch. ‘The response to the Henny Penny Hatching Program has far exceeded our expectations,’ says Lifestyle Coordinator, Sylvia Ortiz. ‘The hatching of the eggs causes so much … Continued

    Time to make a difference

    With a new state government now in power, many people are interested in their policies and strategies to support older people. Outcomes that assist individuals to maintain active and healthy lifestyles not only benefit the individual and their carers, but also the wider community. Although aged care services generally fall under federal government policy, there … Continued

    From a little help at home, to residential aged care

    When life is drawing to an end, having support from family and a trusted service provider can ease the steps along the way through the journey. Sharon Vafiadis describes her mum’s ‘Resthaven journey’. It initially started with just a few hours of support at home, later progressing through to having comprehensive palliative and end of … Continued

    Today is Harmony Day

    It’s a day of celebrating inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging; a day for all Australians to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common. Priscilla de Pree, Resthaven’s Multicultural Project Officer, encourages celebratory events across Resthaven’s network of services. She says, ‘The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone … Continued

    From Carer to Care Coordinator – Noelene’s 22 year career story

     In April 2018, Resthaven Leabrook Care Coordinator, Noelene Hoeper, will retire after 22 years of service to Resthaven. Noelene’s story is inspiring, not just because of her long service, but because she started as a personal carer. With hard work and support from Resthaven, Noelene worked her way forward to become a Registered Nurse, Clinical … Continued

    Voting Support for the Vision Impaired

    With the state election on Saturday 17 March, Resthaven Community Services offers vision support services for people aged over 65 who would like assistance to vote. The Electoral Commission SA has implemented a new computerised voting system called, ‘VoteAssist’, to support people with a vision impairment to vote. From Tuesday 13 March to Friday 16 … Continued

    Age no barrier to enjoying technology at Resthaven Marion

    Mrs Joan Johnson of Resthaven Marion certainly doesn’t fit the stereotype of your average 96 year old. With her baby blue iPad and colourful room decorations (including a woven wall hanging purchased in Egypt) Mrs Johnson ‘loves’ using technology to continue exploring the world around her. ‘I have a very enquiring mind,’ she says. ‘I … Continued

    Resthaven Mitcham Redevelopment is nearing completion

    Resthaven Mitcham’s $14 million redevelopment is nearing completion. Mandy Hutchinson, Manager, Resthaven Mitcham Residential Services, says, ‘The Resthaven Mitcham redevelopment is moving along smoothly, with completion planned for the end of May.’ ‘The roof is complete on the ‘Banksia’ area extension, and the new front entrance off Hill Street is taking shape.’ ‘The building plans … Continued

    Coordinating Chaplain at Resthaven Craigmore asks a thoughtful question

    That is the question posed by Resthaven Coordinating Chaplain, Rev Dr Trevor Whitney, who supports the spiritual needs of residents at Resthaven Craigmore. Rev Whitney says, ‘In the reception area of Resthaven Craigmore, there hangs three themed photos, each depicting an older person looking into a mirror and seeing their younger selves. They are most … Continued

    When Marna Met Nic | Aged Care Online

    Volunteer, Nic, and volunteer, Marna
    When 21 year old Resthaven Malvern volunteer, Nic, sat down with 90 year old Marna, the two were delighted by how much they had in common.
    Source: When Marna Met Nic | Aged Care Online

    Resthaven Malvern Volunteer Connection

    When 21 year old Resthaven Malvern volunteer, Nic, sat down with 90 year old Marna, the two were delighted by how much they had in common. No surprise really, when you consider that both have a deep passion for helping others, which led them both to their volunteer roles. Marna volunteered with Resthaven Malvern for … Continued

    As Australia’s baby boomers approach retirement

    It seems nearly every day that we are reminded Australia’s population is ageing. The post-World War II baby boomers, born in the late 1940s and 50s, are now approaching or in their retirement years. And what tremendous contributions they have and continue to make to our community and their families! Most people don’t want to … Continued