• Santa’s surprise visit to Resthaven Marion

    On 17 December, Santa took a break from his duties at the local garden centre to visit residents at Resthaven Marion, at 10 Township Road. It was quite warm, so he had to catch his breath before heading inside to visit the residents, with several elves to help. Lifestyle Coordinator, Karen Neighbour, says, ‘It was … Continued

    Signed, sealed and ready to deliver Resthaven Modbury

    On 20 December 2018, Resthaven Executive Manager Finance and Corporate Services, David Norton, announced the purchase of vacant land at 122 Smart Road, Modbury for future aged care and support services. ‘This land is in a prime location; adjacent residential and commercial precincts and creates an opportunity for local residents who need aged care to … Continued

    Christmas Fun in the Murraylands | Aged Care Online

    On 12 December, Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services clients from the ‘Parkinson’s Support’, ‘Wellness on Wednesday’, and ‘Squeaky Joints’ groups enjoyed a combined Christmas lunch at the Bridgeport Hotel.
    Source: Christmas Fun in the Murraylands | Aged Care Online

    Research supports need for more home care packages

    Shorter waiting times for home care packages is associated with increased life expectancy and older people’s ability to remain in their own homes, a recent study led by the Registry for Older South Australians (ROSA) at the South Australian Health and Medical Institute (SAHMRI) shows.
    Source: Research supports need for more home care packages

    Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills and Fleurieu Community Services Christmas Fun

    On 12 December, Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services clients from the ‘Parkinson’s Support’, ‘Wellness on Wednesday’, and ‘Squeaky Joints’ groups enjoyed a combined Christmas lunch at the Bridgeport Hotel. Coordinator, Denni Ebert, says, ‘The lunch was so much fun, with almost 40 clients from across our three groups joining in.’ ‘We enjoyed … Continued

    Resthaven Murray Bridge Sculpture by Gerry McMahon

    A custom built sculpture commissioned by Resthaven, and handcrafted by South Australian artist, Gerry McMahon, now greets visitors at the entrance of Resthaven Murray Bridge, at 53 Swanport Road. The sculpture, titled ‘Dream on Flight,’ is described by Gerry as a: ‘Sculptural snapshot of a child, grandmother and pelican, set on a plinth design to … Continued

    Sisters enjoy respite at Lane Cottage, Kingswood

    Sisters, Marjorie Holman and Rhonda Brown, aged 97 and 91 respectively, are both enjoying the support provided by Resthaven Community Respite Services. Marjorie especially has a long association with Resthaven, having volunteered at Resthaven Westbourne Park as a Chaplain’s Assistant and in the site shop for more than 20 years. Rhonda and Marjorie were born … Continued

    Amazing World War II rescue story

    The Resthaven Onkaparinga Community Services Men’s Group hears lots of interesting stories, but none so amazing as the lifesaving rescue of Mr Stephen Jones by fellow Resthaven client, Mr Bob Biggs, during World War II. Coordinator and Men’s Group facilitator, Corinne Lama, says, ‘It all started during an Arctic expedition during WWII.’ ‘Mr Jones*, who … Continued

    Thinking of Others

    At this time of year, we look forward to catching up with family and friends, to enjoy sharing time and hospitality. However, the festive season can also bring mixed feelings. For people living in poverty, it may be a very difficult time. Poverty is a root cause of homelessness: having a lower income than necessary … Continued

    Inaugural Resthaven Palliative Medicine Prize

    On 5 December, Wei Jie Tan, from the University of Adelaide was awarded the inaugural Resthaven Palliative Medicine Prize at the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery Declaration Ceremony. The Palliative Medicine Prize is awarded to a final year University of Adelaide medical student who has demonstrated excellence in palliative medicine during their medical training. ‘We … Continued

    Resthaven Community Services expand in Mount Gambier

    With continued increasing demand for aged care support at home in the south-east, Resthaven has recently opened a new office space in Mount Gambier. The Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services office is located at 15B James Street, Mount Gambier, in the heart of the shopping district. ‘We have seen an increase in the demand for … Continued

    ‘Thank You’ from a Family Member

    Resthaven Aberfoyle Park recently received a lovely letter of thanks from the family of a resident: ‘It has been five weeks since my mum shifted into Resthaven Aberfoyle Park, and I am amazed at how well she has coped with the change.’ ‘We were preparing ourselves for the shift to set her back, but that … Continued