• 85th anniversary celebrations at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

    85th anniversary celebrations at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

    ‘It was the perfect way to celebrate the 85th anniversary, as it reminded us of the great organisation that we are all a part of.’

    In December 2020, Resthaven Aberfoyle Park celebrated Resthaven’s 85th anniversary with a day of nostalgia.

    The day began with morning tea across all areas of the site, with physical distancing measures in place.

    To add to the nostalgia, staff dressed up as figures of the past, including icons such as Audrey Hepburn (pictured).

    This was very popular with residents, one of whom commented, ‘I loved it. All the staff looked great in their special outfits’.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Nav Kaur, says, ‘Residents who could not join the others for morning tea had a delightful visit from the staff who showed off their fun costumes.’

    ‘After a relaxing start to the day, residents were taken on tours, where they could “explore through time” through displays they’d created.’

    ‘Residents had put together multiple exhibitions of artwork that they had been preparing for the past two years. Among them, were paintings, sketches, knitwork and antiques.’

    ‘All displays were popular among the residents, however, the display of antiques was the most popular.’

    Residents’ comments that ‘I liked looking at the old irons, my grandma had the same ones!’ and ‘I loved the old iron, it reminded me of old times.’

    Nav says, ‘Another highlight was the vibrant red poppies which a resident had knitted for Remembrance Day, as well as the 85th sign made from handpicked photographs of the residents and staff.’

    ‘I was very impressed by the outcome of the day. It came together really well’.

    Nav puts the days’ success down to the residents and the staff equally, who ultimately made the day possible.

    ‘Everything that we had on display was entirely produced by the residents, and they helped the staff put it all together,’ she says.

    ‘Residents were thrilled to be able to participate so significantly and personally in making the day so special.’

    ‘It was the perfect way to celebrate Resthaven’s 85th anniversary, and it reminded us of the great organisation that we are all a part of.’

    Resthaven celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2020 with a range of events (adhering to physical distancing guidelines) across its residential and community services sites, located across metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Riverland, Barossa, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Limestone Coast.

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