• Resthaven a ‘meaningful place to work’

    Resthaven a ‘meaningful place to work’

    Resthaven Malvern Housekeeping Services Assistant, Paige Sumner, thoroughly enjoys her work, saying that ‘staff and residents alike make working here meaningful every day’.

    Since she began five years ago, Paige has developed a wealth of knowledge in aged care.

    ‘I started off working in laundry, and moved my way across working in cleaning, kitchen and now pantry,’ she says.

    Over the last five years, Paige has had the opportunity to gain extra training, fully supported by Resthaven.

    ‘Working at Resthaven has taught me a lot about the industry and has significantly helped me to do better in my role’.

    Creating a happy and safe environment for residents is a high priority for Paige and is one of her favourite parts of the role.

    ‘I have formed special connections with the residents over the years. I enjoy chatting with them about their day and assisting them to make their lives easier,’ she says.

    Paige receives ample support from her co-workers and management, who encourage her to progress her career further.

    ‘It is a progressive place to work,’ she says.

    ‘I love how “with the times” the organisation is, and how the core values are actually valued and demonstrated on a day to day basis.’

    Paige is excited to continue progressing her career with Resthaven Malvern for many more years to come.

    Established in 1935, Resthaven Incorporated is a not for profit, South Australian aged care community service associated with the Uniting Church. Every day, Resthaven shares the lives and wisdom of around 10,000 older people and their carers, working together to provide outstanding care and support.

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