• Resthaven to co-host Active Ageing conference in Thailand

    Resthaven to co-host Active Ageing conference in Thailand

    Resthaven and the Baan Sudthavas Foundation (BSV) in Thailand will co-host an ‘Active Ageing’ seminar in Bangkok in September 2017.

    “The event will be dedicated to his Late Majesty the King of Thailand, and its purpose is to further the understanding of ‘active ageing’ concepts,” says Wendy Morey, Executive Manager, Governance and Workforce Development, who has visited BSV several times in Thailand, and hosted its founder, Arnop Chirakiti, when he has visited Australia.

    “Key note speakers at the conference include CEO of COTA SA, Jane Mussared; Prof Renuka Visvanathan from TQEH/Adelaide Uni/Resthaven Board; Dr Mike Rungie, member of the SA Economic Development Board, and Resthaven’s own Kelly Geister, Senior Manager Residential Services,” says Wendy.

    “The conference is the next step in our ongoing relationship with BSV, which began with a chance correspondence in 2012, continued with reciprocal international visits and projects, and most recently culminated in being international finalists in the Innovation of the Year—Service Implementation category at the 5th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2017.”

    “The award nomination showcased the Pen Pal Program between Resthaven Malvern and BSV residents as a peace and friendship building program for older people from different backgrounds.”

    “Even though we did not win, the fact that we were finalists in an international awards initiative is a reward in itself.”

    “The greater meaning for us all is wrapped up in the relationships between Resthaven Malvern residents and BSV residents, and what these mean to them as individuals. That’s the best reward.”

    “Resthaven has an ongoing and positive working relationship with BSV. Resthaven admires their work in providing care and support to older, destitute women – a background similar to that of Resthaven when it was established in 1935.”

    “We can’t wait to share our work to this international audience at the ‘Active Ageing’ conference in Bangkok in September as we encourage others in the quest to develop positive, active ageing.”

    Pictured above: Judith and Shirley of Resthaven Malvern, keen participants in the Pen Pal program, with some of the items they have exchanged with BSV residents.

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