• Amanda finds dream job at Resthaven

    Amanda finds dream job at Resthaven

    Amanda Pritchard has spent the last four years working her way up the ranks at Resthaven Marion, having recently accepted her dream position as Clinical Nurse on site.

    With a bachelor’s degree in Registered Nursing from Flinders University, Amanda came to Resthaven with the goal to progress her career.

    ‘I started out filling shifts in admissions and documentation, which involved a lot of administration. This helped me to understand the ins and outs of the site.’

    Raising two children at home, Amanda was pleased with the flexibility she was experiencing in her role.

    ‘Resthaven is all about work life balance, and my managers understood how important this was for me. You don’t get that everywhere!’

    ‘I soon expressed my interest in progressing to Clinical Nurse, and they supported me to reach that goal every step of the way.’

    ‘The Relieving Clinical Nurse position opened up, and I was encouraged to apply.’

    ‘It was a really great way to experience the role and expand on my skills, which gave me that step forward I needed to progress to Clinical Nurse once it became available, and a few weeks ago, it did!’

    ‘I feel at home here, and I have the best management I have ever experienced. They truly care about you as a person and what you want out of life.’

    Aside from her positive experience with management, Amanda has found true joy in forming connections with the older people she works with every day.

    ‘Older people are an incredible lot. I come into my office most days with a thoughtful gift waiting for me on my desk.’

    ‘One lady loves to pick flowers from the garden and arrange them in a vase for me each week, and one older gentleman always visits me to discuss the latest book he’s been reading, and will lend me the ones he thinks I will enjoy.’

    ‘I would encourage anyone I know to consider a career in aged care. I feel the most fulfilled in my work than I ever have in any other sector.’

    Congratulations on your recent appointment, Amanda!

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