• Rom’s armchair trip down memory lane

    Rom’s armchair trip down memory lane

    In December, one resident at Resthaven Westbourne Park chose a unique mode of travel to revisit her hometown in Holland—taking other residents along for the ride!

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Rachael Ross, says, ‘As part of the Lifestyle program, we take residents on what we call ‘armchair travels’ around the world, all in the comfort of the main hall.’

    ‘Every month, we focus on a different location, then present a video to virtually walk residents through the town as if they were there.’

    Usually, staff will present the walk-throughs, while residents sit back and enjoy the experience. This time, however, Mrs Rom Vanderhoek took the lead.

    Joining forces with the Lifestyle team, Mrs Vanderhoek was soon ready to take residents on the ultimate trip down memory lane.

    ‘Rom walked us through the North of Holland, recalling her many childhood memories in a small town near Dukkom. She explained that her grandfather was the local clog maker and fisherman, while passing around a pair of clogs he had hand-made all those years ago.’

    ‘It was cold most of the time there, and so the children would go skating along the lakes and canals—wherever there was ice!’

    ‘Rom recalled that during the war years, there was no food in the south, and so children would be sent to live with families in the north, including hers.’

    ‘Rom’s family took in two children from Amsterdam, arriving at their property on a cattle truck. They stayed with them for some time before returning home.’

    After a presentation like no other, residents praised Rom for taking them on the most immersive armchair adventure yet.

    ‘This was an incredible way to learn more about Rom’s culture, and I do hope more residents put their hand up for future sessions.’

    We can’t wait to see what is next on Resthaven Westbourne Park’s travel itinerary!

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