• Australian and Thai International Relationship

    Australian and Thai International Relationship

    ‘Over the past few years, Resthaven has developed a working relationship with the Baan Sudthavas (BSV) Foundation in Thailand,’ says Resthaven Executive Manager, Workforce and Governance, Wendy Morey.

    ‘The approach from Mr Arnop Chirakiti, BSV Foundation Director, came out of the blue – it was completely unexpected. There was a synergy in that they had established a not for profit residential care home for destitute older women in an outer Bangkok neighbourhood, and in that it was similar to Resthaven’s early years during the Great Depression.’

    ‘Since that first approach, Resthaven has been working with the Foundation, to share knowledge and provide practical encouragement as BSV develops its aged care services.’

    ‘In return, BSV share insights into Thai culture and society with Resthaven – in particular the important place that older people have in their local communities and family groups. There has been an exchange of ideas and information that has highlighted many similarities between the two countries in terms of need and opportunity.’

    ‘Resthaven Malvern residents enjoy the relationship and have sent some handmade ‘profile’ cards, including their photos, and a little about them, along with some handmade beaded jewellery to BSV residents.’

    ‘In turn, BSV residents sent some gifts of colourful handmade key rings and dolls, which were greeted with delight by Resthaven residents.’

    ‘The connection between BSV and Resthaven continues to evolve, with ‘penpal’ letter writing. It is a mutually rewarding relationship.’

    ‘Even though Resthaven and BSV come from different faith-based backgrounds, both share a strong sense of mission to champion the quality of life of older people.’

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