• Authentic Friendship

    Authentic Friendship

    In the ancient Greek that I learned at theological college, there are seven words for love. The notion of love that I have for residents at Resthaven is from the word ‘philia’. Briefly translated, it means ‘authentic friendship’.

    That notion of authentic friendship is what, I believe, is at the heart of each staff member who responds in care towards those older people who have invited us into their lives.

    Resthaven is not just a ‘place’. Rather it is the encounters that residents have with other residents, staff and volunteers. That is how abundant life happens. That is what being home means. That is what Resthaven is all about.

    So, each day and occasion I am with residents I count that time as a privilege—a time of authentic friendship.

    Rev Dr Bruce Grindlay

    Coordinating Chaplain, Resthaven Marion & Aberfoyle Park

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