• Brian informs Resthaven’s customer experience

    Brian informs Resthaven’s customer experience

    Residents such as Mr Brian Kennedy of Resthaven Leabrook are informing Resthaven’s customer experience research, which aims to find out what Resthaven customers want, and how Resthaven can deliver it to them.

    Having reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in his army days, followed by management roles in the SA Prison System, Mr Kennedy, is well informed when it comes to governance, duty of care, and workforce training.

    He was, therefore, a perfect candidate to inform this research, along with fellow residents, family members and carers, independent living residents, community services clients, Consumer Advisory Groups, and staff.

    Brian, aged 75, joined the Resthaven Leabrook community in 2016. After initially joining in a focus group held at Resthaven Leabrook, he was then invited to join the ‘Consumer Working Group’ which contributed to the development of Resthaven’s ‘Customer Experience Blueprint’.

    Brian was pleased to be able to contribute to this important piece of work that will inform Resthaven in responding to an enhanced customer journey.

    Brian Kennedy in focus group-crop

    Brian says, ‘I quite enjoyed the process. Through the experience I learnt more about Resthaven, more than I would have normally.’

    ‘It’s quite useful to do something like that. This is the sort of stuff that needs to be gone through… why we do things this way; we do it this way because…; that sort of thing. My contribution was valued. I was quite happy to have my viewpoint heard.’

    Brian found the experience interesting, as he hadn’t realised that Resthaven supports people living in their own homes.

    ‘I didn’t know you did care at home. There were things I didn’t know about that I couldn’t comment on. I didn’t realise Resthaven does other things. I realise now that it is a much bigger industry.’

    He felt well equipped to add to the Customer Experience research, involving three intensive sessions at Resthaven’s Head Office in September 2017.

    ‘You need key documents to set out the rules in which you’re going to work.’

    ‘There are some really good, caring people who work here. There’s a lot to know in order to do the work.’

    ‘I understand that staff need to be trained to be competent in order to look after the people here. It is a community. The culture of the organisation is important.’

    ‘The staff are all different, as well. There are many cultures working here, with many not born in Australia. Sometimes there are misunderstandings, but generally the staff are trying to do the right thing’.

    ‘I also understand that there’ll always be a variety of problems across different areas, different expectations, and problems often don’t come one at a time. So this planning is necessary.’

    Resthaven is grateful for Brian’s contribution to the future planning of the organisation, as well as that of all the others who participated.

    A key outcome of this work is the definition of Resthaven’s vision for the Customer Experience:

    ‘Resthaven responds seamlessly and efficiently to provide a personalised customer experience which enables customers to be highly satisfied with their interactions with Resthaven.’

    The top five themes identified were:

    • Find options that are suitable
    • Support that fits into my life
    • Support through transitions
    • Culture of the organisation
    • Live the way I like.

    The Customer Experience Blueprint has now been endorsed by the Resthaven Board, and will guide future planning and decision making to ensure that the customer is at the centre of everything we do.

    Watch this space!

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