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    How do I apply for Residential care?

    The cafe at Resthaven CraigmoreResthaven Craigmore offers residential aged care and respite accommodation for older people.

    Within a short distance to the Munno Para shopping centre, the public library, churches, public transport, parks and reserves, Resthaven’s Craigmore location offers easy access to shopping, leisure and lifestyle experiences.

    Incorporating modern lighting, vibrant colour and bold design, Resthaven Craigmore has generous building space, excellent security, monitored fire safety and sprinkler systems.

    The site features a multi-function hall, barbeque area, dining areas, beautiful gardens and courtyards, including a sensory garden with raised garden beds, hairdressing salon, internet café, laundry, library, comfortable lounges and a shop trolley. Worship services are regularly conducted.


    • ‘My first experience with an aged care facility. I visited quite a few looking for the perfect place for my dad. I suspect l wouldn’t put him in some place I wouldn’t be happy to stay at myself. The staff have been amazing, courteous, respectful and helpful. They often ring to advise of any changes in Dad. My dad seems happy there. I have heard from other independent sources that Resthaven Craigmore is one of the best and comes highly recommended.’
    • ‘We needed a break from having our father living in our house. He went into Resthaven Craigmore for a week’s respite. He didn’t want to go, but after a week there, he didn’t want to come home! He loved it… the staff… the food… the rooms.. they were wonderful and understanding. We are now applying for full time care when it’s available. Well done!’
    • ‘My mother is thriving; she is going so well at Resthaven Craigmore.’
    • ‘Mum has only been here a short time but the staff treat with gentle care and real compassion. Thank you.’
    • ‘Love the food, it’s wonderful.’
    • ‘I couldn’t ask for a better place.’

    Site and Local Features

    Local government areaCity of Playford
    Local services and amenityPublic library, churches, parks, reserves, public transport, Munno Para shopping centre.
    Total accessible common areas8,076.0 m2 (indoor: 1,058.3 m2, outdoor: 7,017.7 m2)
    Average building space65.4 m2 per resident (includes common areas)
    Site FeaturesInteractive Smart TV's, sensory garden, multi-function hall, barbeque area, dining areas, beautiful gardens and courtyards, hairdressing salon, internet café, laundry, library, comfortable lounges, shop trolley, bus trips, dementia care, vegetable garden, worship services.
    AccreditationDownload report from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission


    Residential Accommodation Prices

    Craigmore site gardens

    Download the Resthaven Craigmore Accommodation Pricing Sheet

    Details on payment options are contained in the Residential Fees and Charges Schedule.

    Residents can choose from a selection of payment options in the form of a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), Daily Accommodation Payments (DAP) or a combination of both.

    Resthaven believes that affordable aged care should be accessible to all across the full spectrum of financial means.

    Accommodation payment arrangements can be tailored to meet individual needs. Prices published do not apply to persons in receipt of/eligible for government support.

    Please contact our friendly staff on (08) 8373 9113 for an obligation-free chat and to discuss the various options.

    For more information, visit www.myagedcare.gov.au or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

    Please note that vacancies are subject to change at short notice. For the latest vacancy information, please email our friendly Accommodation Enquiries team on accommodation@resthaven.asn.au, or call us on (08) 8373 9113.

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