• Assistant Cook to Relieving Coordinator Housekeeping Services

    Assistant Cook to Relieving Coordinator Housekeeping Services

    Lauren’s Resthaven Journey

    From the first time that Lauren Brannen worked with Resthaven in 2008, she knew it was the place for her.

    ‘In 2008, after completing my apprenticeship at St Andrews Hospital, I was briefly placed at Resthaven Leabrook,’ she says. ‘Everyone there was so positive about their job, and took such pride in what they did.’

    ‘From that point, I always knew that when I had the opportunity, I would consider a career with Resthaven.’

    In 2012, Lauren was successful in that goal, officially starting at Resthaven Craigmore in 2012 as Assistant Cook.

    ‘The team at Resthaven Craigmore was so welcoming, and it was a great way for me to learn more about Resthaven,’ she says. ‘After a couple of years, I was fortunate to be successful in my application for the role of full-time Cook.’

    ‘In 2015, my partner and I started building a house at Seaford, so I applied to transfer to Resthaven Port Elliot, which opened in May that year.’

    ‘Resthaven Port Elliot was a great site for me to further my knowledge about middle management. I had some great opportunities from Shannon Hutchinson (Coordinator Housekeeping Services) and Pam Alde (Manager Residential Services), to backfill Shannon’s role, and learn more about Resthaven’s systems.’

    ‘I have always wanted to further myself at Resthaven, and go as far as I can in my job. I love cooking, but I felt like I had so much more to learn.’

    ‘I was fortunate to have the opportunity to relieve for Shannon for a three week period, and I loved the new challenge of the Coordinator Housekeeping Services role.’

    ‘Just after that time, the Relieving Coordinator Housekeeping Services role came up, and I applied for it straight away!’

    ‘As Relieving Coordinator Housekeeping Services, my role is very broad, but in the end, it’s about making residents feel at home; whether that’s providing them with freshly cooked meals, or freshly laundered clothes – we take the burden off them and make them feel at home.’

    ‘The residents we support have given so much in their lives, and we should give them the dignity and respect they deserve during their stay with us – they deserve to enjoy this time.’

    ‘I love being given the opportunity to give back to people, and support them in their older years.’

    ‘This job was made for me, I’m sure of it.’

    ‘I am also really enjoying getting to know the teams across Resthaven’s twelve residential homes, and I have lots of wonderful support.’

    ‘There is a great sense of pride amongst the Resthaven staff.’

    ‘With all the attention the media is giving aged care, we are proud to be working for one of the best aged care providers – it’s a wonderful thing.’


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