• Caring for the Carer

    Caring for the Carer

    Resthaven’s Community Respite Services provide high quality short term care to older people, giving carers a break from their caring role.

    ‘Being a carer can be both enjoyable and rewarding – however, it can also be tiring,’ says Carole Matthews, Resthaven Community Respite Services Manager.

    ‘Issues carers may experience include physical and mental tiredness, losing contact with other family members and friends, and not being able to continue with work or leisure activities.’

    ‘Resthaven Community Respite Services provides short term, day or overnight care for older people who live in the community. The following story illustrates how beneficial a break, or ‘respite’, can be to carers, as well as the person for whom they care.’

    ‘Ann retired from work early to care for her now-96 year old mother, Priscilla. Ann and her mother have a great relationship, and both understand that Ann needs time to herself occasionally to pursue her own interests.’

    ‘One of these interests is walking sections of the Heysen Trail on weekends, with a group of other walkers and friends.’

    Respite at Ridgway House‘Ann discovered Resthaven’s Ridgway House, a ‘B&B’ style cottage, which offers short term overnight and day respite to older people, meeting both their care and social needs.’

    ‘Now Ann plans her mother’s visits to Ridgway House around her weekend walks along the Heysen Trail. Both mother and daughter enjoy their ‘short holiday’, and the break from the usual routine.’

    ‘When I asked Ann and Priscilla how they felt about their respite experience, Ann responded that the service is flexible, supportive and so accommodating to her needs, as well as her Mother’s.’

    ‘Ann said she has the comfort of knowing its part of Resthaven – a high quality service with a great reputation.’

    ‘When Priscilla was asked how she felt about spending time at Ridgway House, she said the staff are friendly, the rooms are lovely, the atmosphere of the house is cosy, and she enjoys socialising with the other guests (Ridgway House can accommodate up to three guests each night).’

    Resthaven Community Respite Services provides a range of respite options, from social group settings, short daytime visits, or overnight stays. For more information, phone 8358 3173.


    Looking for community respite or services for carers? Call 8198 2060