• Challenge and Change

    Challenge and Change

    A new year has begun. Usually, this comes with new hope and opportunity.

    However, for many of us, this has not been our experience, as COVID-19 continues wreak havoc on our lives in ways we were hoping had passed.

    We have experienced disappointment and loneliness, where we wanted community and family. It has been a hard way to start the year.

    However, it is often in adversity that we can take stock and refocus on the types of people we want to be.

    Most recently, I was thinking about butterflies. They work so hard at becoming butterflies, moving from being caterpillars, then building their cocoons, becoming mush, and then transforming into beautiful butterflies.

    It is not an easy process. In fact, they cannot be helped from the cocoon, they need to do that work as it strengthens their wings.

    So it is with us, often. In order to move on after the challenges life throws at us, we need to move through the challenge—bit by bit, a step at a time.

    It is not easy and can be painful. However, what we see on the other side of the experience is that we are stronger, more resilient, and more resourceful.

    As we continue to move through the challenges that 2022 has brought us, let us continue to be people of peace, hope, joy and love to ourselves and those around us.


    Nina Corlett-McDonald sitting facing left. She's dressed in a light pink floral shirt

    Dr Nina Corlett-McDonald
    Resthaven Coordinating Chaplain (Murray Bridge and Leabrook)






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