• Christmas is a time for giving

    Christmas is a time for giving

    Earlier this year, residents at Resthaven Malvern began their annual knitting project, with the goal to donate warm blankets to the homeless by Christmas.

    Three older ladies holding up colourful hand knitted blankets

    After months of hard work, Ruth, Shirley and Joyce have packaged up their work to gift to the Hutt Street Centre.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Felicity, says, ‘This is a project that we keep up with each year, the ladies really look forward to it, and have become passionate about donating what they make to those in need.’

    ‘This year, the ladies were able to finish three large blankets, which were delivered by Terry, our Manager, and Jimmy, on 20 December – just in time for Christmas.’

    ‘This is a time for giving, and the knitting group remind us of that with their generosity each year.’

    Ruth says, ‘It gives me peace to know that they’re going to someone in need.’

    Thank you to Ruth, Shirley, and Joyce, and all others who participated in this project.

    Staff at the Hutt Street Centre delivering donated blankets.