• Christmas at Resthaven Northern Community Services

    Christmas at Resthaven Northern Community Services

    For many years, staff at Resthaven Northern Community Services have personally funded a Christmas celebration for clients who are financially disadvantaged, or will find themselves alone on Christmas Day.

    Up to 20 clients attend the event, which is scheduled for lunch on a day as close to Christmas Day as possible.

    Karen Hammond, Manager, Resthaven Northern Community Services, says, ‘During the year, we identify clients who may find themselves unable to afford a Christmas celebration, or who may be alone and socially isolated. We send them a personal invitation to this event.’

    ‘Resthaven staff choose to make donations to subsidise the lunch, giving any amount they are comfortable with.

    ‘As well as funding the lunch, we purchase a small gift for all attendees. In some instances, this will be the only Christmas gift they receive.

    ‘Feedback on the event has always been positive. Many clients are so grateful, because if not for this event, they wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas at all.

    ‘A wonderful aspect of the lunch is that it fosters new friendships, and for this particular group of clients, that is incredibly important.

    ‘Last year, I recall one Home Care Package client, who has no close relatives and is quite socially isolated, attended the lunch. She enjoyed the day out immensely, socialising with the people at the lunch. She made friends with one of the ladies sitting at her table, and whilst they do not see each other often, they enjoy the time they do spend together.

    ‘This year’s event is looking to be another great success!’

    Resthaven is a charitable, public benevolent institution that was established in Adelaide in 1935.

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