• Clients create their own social club

    Clients create their own social club

    Social group clients of Resthaven Northern Community Services at 16 Gillingham Road, Elizabeth, have taken their independence to the next level, forming their own café club with their new best friends!

    Home Support Worker, Lesley Lamb, says, ‘More than three years ago, a group of around 8-10 clients started meeting on Thursdays and Fridays here at Resthaven Northern Community Services.

    ‘It’s a group of men and women of varied backgrounds and interests, and we enjoy all sorts of activities such as puzzles, games, and themed events.’

    ‘More recently, a small group of ladies came up with the idea of creating an inclusive social group, meeting every Monday at a quaint café in the Hollywood Plaza for lunch.’

    Client, Barbara, says, ‘The group started because we exchanged mobile numbers, that doesn’t happen very often. We all just clicked and felt comfortable with each other.’

    The group has since been dubbed ‘The Giggle Group’ by café worker, Zorayda.

    ‘The staff make sure we are well looked after – getting the table ready ahead of time and always greeting us in a friendly manner,’ Barbara adds.

    While originally a ‘ladies club’, Mr Thomas “Tom” Grindlay made a great impression with the ladies and was quickly invited to join in on the fun.

    Lesley explains, ‘Tom is a gentleman – everyone loves him, so it has been great that he received that invitation to join – and he loves going!’

    During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the group became stronger than ever.

    ‘During lockdown not too long ago, one of the ladies came up with the idea of inviting the small group to her house for lunch instead – numbers permitting.’

    ‘This goes to show how strong their friendship has become, and why social groups are so important in initiating those connections.’

    Margaret says, ‘I really enjoy the friendship and the laughs. We care for each other a lot too.’

    Dawn agrees, ‘I’m so glad I made the decision to attend the Social Group at Resthaven. I’ve made some very good friends and I can be myself now.’

    Thank you for sharing, ladies!

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