• Clinical Excellence at Resthaven

    Clinical Excellence at Resthaven

    Resthaven’s Clinical Services team works hard to support the care needs of around 2,000 older people living at Resthaven residential aged care homes and in their own homes across South Australia. For this reason, the Resthaven Senior Manager Clinical Services role is of critical importance to the wellbeing of staff and consumers alike.

    Luckily, the role attracts high-quality clinicians with an exceptional care focus – and new Resthaven Senior Manager Clinical Services, Merridy Baylis, is no exception.

    Merridy took over from long-serving Senior Manager Clinical Services, Leonie Robson, earlier this year, when Leonie moved into a new role of Senior Project Officer Residential Services.

    Leonie, a highly qualified Registered Nurse with 30 years of nursing experience, has been with Resthaven for more than fifteen years, working in various management roles. She was therefore the perfect candidate to ‘hand over’ to Merridy.

    Merridy is grateful for the support received, explaining that ‘Leonie worked closely with me to get me across the many tasks, functions and roles of the Resthaven Senior Manager Clinical Services.’

    ‘Leonie and I also attended the various committees she was involved in, and undertook the broad responsibilities together, before she transitioned into her new role,’ she says.

    Merridy comes to Resthaven with an abundance of clinical experience, having previously worked in a variety of senior clinical roles such as Nursing Director, Organ Donor Coordinator, Clinical Educator in Intensive Care, and ICU Clinician.

    Merridy is delighted to take on the challenge of the Resthaven Senior Manager Clinical Services role, and certainly has a grasp of its importance in maintaining the wellbeing of the older people whom Resthaven supports.

    ‘The Resthaven Clinical Services team is responsible for maintaining evidence-based clinical care resources, training and support to all clinical staff, and addressing any gaps in expected outcomes.’

    ‘It is crucial to get this right, in order to ensure that the highest possible standard of care is provided.’

    ‘Clinical care should be provided and delivered to a very high standard to all residents.’

    ‘The key aspects that contribute to Resthaven’s clinical excellence include the Resthaven Clinical Practice Manual, which guides our clinical practice, along with key specialist roles in the clinical team (Read about Resthaven’s Dementia and Mental Health Specialists and Palliative Care specialists) and ongoing involvement in clinical research.’

    ‘Resthaven works with varied research partners to participate and contribute to clinical research findings, publications, and reviews.’

    Merridy is thoroughly enjoying her new role, explaining that ‘Resthaven is such a supportive workplace – every single person has been welcoming or helpful.’

    ‘The culture within the organisation is amazing, and the team I work with are very supportive.’

    ‘I really appreciate the attention that Resthaven pays to ensuring that we genuinely work to adhere and uphold Resthaven’s values of trust, dignity, and choice.’

    Resthaven works together with older people and their carers throughout metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Fleurieu, Barossa, Riverland and Limestone Coast of South Australia.

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