• Community Services clients take on ‘Running Man’

    Resthaven Marion Community Services clients are once again challenging the stereotypes of ageing by creating their very own ‘running man challenge’ video for YouTube.

    ‘The youngest participant was five months old, and the oldest 92. Now that’s what I call intergenerational!’ says Manager, Deb McDonald.

    The ‘running man challenge’ is a worldwide sensation on YouTube, where groups of people dance to a certain piece of music and upload it to the web. People who have taken part include Jimmy Fallon, the New York Police Department, New Zealand Police Department, and, in Australia, the Royal District Nursing Society (RDNS).

    ‘When we were looking at the running man challenges on YouTube, we noticed that there were none made by older people,’ explains Deb.

    ‘We thought making our own would be a great way to promote positive ageing, with Resthaven clients living life to the fullest. After all, you can have fun at any age.’

    ‘Age really is just a number!’

    Do you want to remain living at home, leading an independent lifestyle?