• Community Services Update

    Community Services Update

    Update on current services

    Resthaven Community Services are an essential service and we continue to support people living at home. We have notified clients outlining the arrangements that are in place for those receiving Resthaven services. All staff observe the protocols for good hand hygiene.

    The Government has instructed aged care providers to cancel all social group and/or exercise group activities until further notice. We are aware that this may cause some people to feel quite isolated and Resthaven staff will contact clients to discuss other options, such as alternate one-to-one social support. 

    Please note the exception is support offered by Resthaven Community Respite Services, such as centre based cottage respite, and other supports for carers of older people that meet social distancing requirements.  

    A concern we have noted more generally in the community relates to the use of face masks. The current Government advice is that our staff are only required to wear a mask if they are providing services to a person who is diagnosed as COVID-19 positive or a person is self-isolating and waiting for a test result because they have symptoms of COVID-19. 

    We can assure you all our staff who are coming to work are well and are not under any concern regarding their COVID10 status. Our staff do not need to wear a mask to deliver services to any person who is well.