• Update on COVID-19 Coronavirus Visitor Restrictions

    Update on COVID-19 Coronavirus Visitor Restrictions

    Note: This information is superseded by subsequent notifications. Please visit this page for the latest information. 

    Effective from 12 noon Wednesday, 25 March 2020, ALL visitors are restricted from visiting any Resthaven Residential Home until further notice.

    Only the following visitor exclusions apply:

    • Where a resident is on an End of Life pathway, or
    • Where a resident is required to attend an urgent scheduled external medical appointment.

    The Manager of Residential Services at each of our homes will manage arrangements for the above two exclusions when required.

    In addition, in regard to these two exclusions:

    • Visits are restricted to a maximum of two (2) visitors at a time for residents who have reached an end of life care pathway.
    • Visitors must confirm that they do not meet any of the current restrictions to entry, as defined by Government, and displayed on the main entry point to a home. All visitors are encouraged to contact the home to check on the most up to date restrictions.
    • If the visitor does not meet any of the restriction requirements, they will be required to sign the Visitor Register upon arrival and exit from the home.
    • Persons 16 years and under will not be permitted to visit or enter the site at any time.
    • When attending during the end of life time, visitors must go directly to the person they are visiting only and must not interact with other residents.
    • During this time, visitors must also only enter areas or spaces required to visit their family member or friend.
    • Social distancing of 1.5 metres must be observed at all times.
    • Visitors must wash their hands before entering and leaving a resident’s room and observe cough etiquette at all times.
    • Visitors must observe any other entry criteria as defined by the Department of Health, such as the requirement for proof of a 2020 influenza vaccination from 1 May 2020.
    • For instances where a family or friend is collecting a resident for the purposes of attending an urgent, scheduled medical appointment, staff will meet the person collecting the resident at the front door and will arrange to collect the resident from the same location on return to the home.

    Effective 28 March, it is now a police offence for a resident who leaves the site to return.

    No resident is to leave Resthaven for any reason other than an essential medical need. The risk from external social outings is a significant concern, both for the resident and for others at the site after returning.

    The exception is residents who leave for medical or dental treatment or in certain circumstances, to attend a funeral of an immediate family member. Limited other exemptions also apply.

    Resthaven will support, as able, your communication with your family or friend if they are unable to undertake this themselves. To assist us to support your contact to the home, please telephone reception.

    Where a person is moving into Resthaven, we will define the manner in which this will occur.

    We appreciate your support during this difficult and extremely challenging time and are mindful of the significance of the impact of these restrictions. However, in the circumstances we currently face, we believe this is appropriate. Please be assured that we have not made any of these decisions easily and we understand how difficult this is for our residents, families and our staff.

    We will continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation and directions in accordance with Department of Health and our commitment to protecting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable older people in our care.

    These are unprecedented times. There is huge impact on residents, families, staff in aged care services across the entire community, and I reinforce that the safety and security of our residents and clients is our primary focus.