• COVID kindness

    COVID kindness

    Small acts of kindness, either done or witnessed, can nurture the soul.

    Recently, I went to my local supermarket. At the desk near the entrance was an elderly lady filling out the attendance sheet, as she didn’t have a smartphone to ‘QR in’. When she finished, she began rummaging around in her shopping trolley. Then she said out loud, ‘I’ve left my mask at home’, indicating that she would have to walk home to get her mask. A lady nearby said, ‘I’ve got some spare’, and gave one to her. The elderly lady beamed with delight, and a couple of nearby shoppers even applauded.

    Other shoppers witnessed the exchange. The interesting thing was that, suddenly, the mood of the folk around changed. Sure, one couldn’t see their faces fully because of their masks, but the demeanour of those present projected an aura of ‘niceness’ (no such word I know) around.

    Time and time again, a small act of kindness performed by us, or witnessed, can be such a delight. I don’t like supermarket shopping, but that morning I shopped and returned home in a much better mood. My day seemed to be more enjoyable in a myriad of ways.

    Maybe big acts of kindness are not ours to perform every day. However, a small gesture can make our life, and the lives of others, immeasurably more wonderful.

    Rev Bruce Grindlay smiling Rev Dr Bruce Grindlay
    Coordinating Chaplain, Resthaven Marion & Aberfoyle Park






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