• COVID Vaccinations for Aged Care Workers

    COVID Vaccinations for Aged Care Workers

    From 17 September 2021, at least one dose of a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for all residential aged care workers, contractors and volunteers. At this time, it is not mandatory for Home Care Workers.

    Home Care Workers

    Although it is not mandatory for home care workers to be vaccinated, Resthaven encourages all staff to access the COVID vaccination.

    A number of other strategies are in place to ensure the safety of our clients:

    • Increasing infection control resources and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as hand gels, to allow our staff to continue to provide services to Resthaven clients in the safest way possible.
    • Ensuring all staff are trained in COVID-19 Infection Control and are therefore prepared to be able to continue to deliver services should a client develop COVID19.
    • Maintaining contact tracing records for all our staff.
    • Ensuring staff do not attend work if they are unwell.
    • Monitoring the SA health website for the latest information regarding COVID.

    We also encourage all clients to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated.

    Residential Aged Care home Workers

    The requirement to receive a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination applies to people who are:

    • Employed or engaged by or on behalf of a RACF (whether as an employee, contractor or agency staff) to work or perform duties at a premises of a RACF on a full time, part time or casual basis, including:
      • Direct care workers (nurses; personal care workers; allied health professionals; and allied health assistants)
      • Administration staff (reception; management; administration)
      • Ancillary staff (food preparation; cleaning; laundry; garden; maintenance)
      • Lifestyle / social care (music/art therapy)
      • Transport drivers of residents of RACF
    • Volunteers engaged by a RACF to undertake duties at a RACF
    • Students on placement at a RACF; and
    • Medical practitioners and allied health professionals who attend and provide care to residents of a RACF whether employed or engaged by the resident, RACF or another person.

    The following people are not included in this Direction:

    • In-reach services including AN-ACC / ACAT / RAS assessors, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission field staff, Aged Care Advocates delivering the National Aged Care Advocacy Program (Older Persons Advocacy Network Members), trade union officials.
    • Emergency services staff, including SA Ambulance Officers undertaking resident transport to/from hospital or providing treatment in a RACF.
    • Contractors such as trades people, delivery drivers, hairdressers, librarians, solicitors, pastoral care workers / clergy.
    • Volunteers who are not engaged by a RACF, for example community visitors providing companionship to a resident at the request of the resident.
    • Family and friends of the resident.

    In a limited number of circumstances, exemptions to the requirement for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination may apply.

    Getting vaccinated is the best way to keep yourself safe, so speak with your GP about a vaccination.

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    You can read the SA Health Residential aged care staff vaccination fact sheet by clicking HERE.

    For more information on the South Australia COVID-19 vaccine rollout visit www.covidvaccine.sa.gov.au.



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