• A culture of care at Resthaven Leabrook

    A culture of care at Resthaven Leabrook

    Recently, the team at Resthaven Leabrook were contacted by the nephew of a resident, who wanted to express their thanks for their care of his Aunt*.

    ‘As the nephew of one of your residents, I feel the need to let you know of the appreciation felt by our family for the genuine care provided by your facility.

    My aunty is 94 and has been with you now for a little over 12 months, having been living independently until her admission into Leabrook.

    Her quality of life since becoming a resident, has changed dramatically in almost any measure.  She is now enjoying the opportunity of daily social interaction and activities, the hot meals and presumably balanced diet, and the aspect that she mentions most frequently, the care.  Put simply, she is as ‘happy as a lark’, appreciating every day.

    My family is in a position to compare your level of care and the general culture of your facility as we have an elderly parent in another facility.  I can assure you that Leabrook Resthaven is the benchmark, at least of the two facilities that we are aware of.

    Thank you for offering the culture of care that you do. She feels safe and cared for.’

    Resthaven supports around 1,200 older people in eleven fully accredited residential aged care homes across metropolitan Adelaide, Murray BridgePort Elliot, and Mount Gambier.

    *Names are not included, to protect the privacy of our customers.


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