• Derek enjoys Resthaven’s exercise and social groups

    Derek enjoys Resthaven’s exercise and social groups

    ‘A Feeling of Freedom’ for Derek

    Resthaven supports more than 10,000 older people who live at home throughout metropolitan Adelaide and in rural South Australia.

    An important aspect of the support Resthaven offers aims to improve and maintain the ability to do everyday things. This might be through improved health and mobility, connecting with past or new friends, and enjoying the social aspects of life.

    The services provided are designed individually with each person and can be short term or ongoing. Whether just a little help around the home, assistance with exercise, improved balance, or building confidence to try new social activities, Resthaven supports people to have the freedom to stay living at home independently.

    Mr Derek Wales attends the regular exercise classes and social groups held at Resthaven Western Community Services at 96 Woodville Road, Woodville.

    Derek says, ‘I came to Resthaven many years ago, originally at Elizabeth [Resthaven Northern Community Services.’

    ‘They used to come in and clean for my wife, who had dementia.’

    ‘After my wife passed away, I was living on my own in a unit.’

    ‘Now I come here [to Resthaven Western Community Services] for exercises.’

    ‘It gets me to move about; my fitness has improved since I’ve been coming here.’

    ‘It gives me a feeling of freedom.’

    ‘I meet people, we have a nice chat, a cup of coffee, cup of tea, biscuits.’

    ‘If I wasn’t here, I’d be sat at home looking at the television. So at least two days a week I can get out and come here.’

    ‘I’ve been on trips on a bus with everybody, so you meet all these people, and you also get out into the country, which is really good.’

    ‘I think I’m very lucky, because I’ve got friends.’

    Derek continues to live independently at home with a little support from Resthaven.

    To find out more about the exercise and social groups run at Resthaven Western Community Services, along with other health and wellness supports, phone 8345 0577.

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