• It’s a dog’s life for silky ‘Salome’, the dog who visits Resthaven Malvern

    Sitting comfortably in her dog bed at Resthaven Malvern, six month old ‘Salome’ is well aware of her celebrity status.

    How could she not be? Not five minutes goes by without a besotted resident or staff member pausing to give her a pat!

    ‘When Salome comes to visit, people find any excuse to pop in,’ says owner, Brian Fox, who regularly ‘babysits’ Salome when his wife, Midori, who still lives in their family home at Belair, has errands to run.

    Brian and Salome the visiting dogAs if on cue, Lifestyle Coordinator, Felicity, passes Brian’s spacious suite and does a double take when she sees Salome sitting on her mat.

    ‘She’s such a sweetheart!’ says Felicity, as she dashes in to give Salome a scratch on the belly.

    Moments later, Meredith, the Coordinator Housekeeping Services, stops in. ‘I wish she could live here full time,’ she says. ‘We just love it when she comes to visit.’

    Salome is a Saluki – a silky haired breed related to the Afghan hound.

    ‘She’s the third Saluki my wife and I have owned,’ says Brian, who moved into Resthaven Malvern about a year ago.

    ‘They’re a great breed – they’re very family friendly, and they don’t shed or smell.’

    ‘Salome hardly ever barks, and isn’t boisterous.’

    ‘It’s so nice having her here, and other residents love seeing her.’

    ‘Residents who can’t see properly love patting her especially – she’s so silky, and feels so soft to touch.’

    Salome has plenty of room for her own bed in Brian’s room, which is so large that it also fits all his normal furniture and an exercise bike.

    Brian credits his current good health to this bike, along with the support provided by Resthaven staff.

    ‘The care here is very good, it’s excellent,’ he says.

    ‘When I moved in a year ago, I couldn’t walk at all. Now, I can stand, and use the exercise bike.’

    When he’s not exercising or looking after Salome, Brian enjoys Skyping his wife on the site computers, which he does three times a day, seven days a week.

    We look forward to your next visit, Salome!

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