• A little respite for carers of older people

    A little respite for carers of older people

    Dumplings and Daytrips: an individualised respite experience

    For the carers of older people living with dementia, a little respite can go a long way.

    Specialised services that cater to individual needs and provide a home-like environment for older people give carers a break from their caring role, so that they can look after their own health needs, too.

    This is where services such as Resthaven Community Respite Services’ Aldinga House comes into play.

    Since its opening in May 2022, Aldinga House, a respite cottage at 18 Halcyon Circuit, Aldinga Beach, has accommodated guests from vastly different backgrounds – each with their own individual needs and preferences.

    Mr Bao Yu

    This presents a welcome challenge to the Resthaven Community Respite Services team, who thrive on the opportunity to create an individualised experience for each respite guest.

    Nowhere is this more evident than the recent stay of guest, Mr Bao Yu (pictured right), who spent several nights at the cottage in early March 2023.

    Working together with Mr Bao and his family, the team tailored his overnight respite stay, including rostering on a Chinese-speaking Home Support Worker to overcome the language barrier.

    Manager, Franco Parenti, says, ‘Along with a Home Support Worker who could meet his cultural needs, we also tailored the food to meet his preferences.’

    ‘Empowering Mr Bao to join in, he and a Resthaven staff member cooked up traditional Chinese dumplings together – he loved chopping up the onions, and being involved.’

    ‘Mr Bao and his family were so pleased with his stay that he is returning for another respite stay in April.’

    Along with overnight stays (up to a fortnight), Resthaven Community Respite Services guests can also enjoy day respite, and social outings.

    Mrs Patricia Griffin

    Mrs Patricia Griffin (pictured right) was one of the lucky first clients to visit the cottage, dropping in with a Home Support Worker during an afternoon social support outing.

    Delighted to check out the house, Mrs Griffin said, ‘After looking around, I am excited to come here whenever I can!’

    ‘The neighbourhood is quiet, and friendly. I don’t often have the opportunity to go down to the beach, so this will be wonderful for a holiday.’

    Subsidised overnight and day respite is available for carers of older people through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Private and Home Care Package options are also available. To enquire and book, call Resthaven Community Respite Services on 8198 2060.