• Exercise Project Reaps Rewards at Resthaven Mount Gambier

    Exercise Project Reaps Rewards at Resthaven Mount Gambier

    After a successful research project and trial, Resthaven Mount Gambier, at 24 Elizabeth Street, has introduced regular exercise sessions for residents conducted by staff from a local gym.

    The exercise research project undertaken at Resthaven Mount Gambier in partnership with Jetts Gym has yielded promising results.

    ‘Over the six week project, residents who participated in regular resistance training demonstrated improved range of movement and coordination, increased concentration, and were generally in a better mood,’ says Manager, Residential Services, Lisa Sutcliffe.

    ‘This was not a quiet group of older people – they were vocal, fun, and high energy!’

    ‘Residents whose range of movement was limited can now touch their toes, do a range of shoulder movements, box with their hands, and really move.’

    ‘We achieved much higher levels of participation than expected – in fact, the program became a topic of such discussion throughout the home that we opened it up to all residents.’

    ‘An unpredicted outcome of this was that residents with dementia, who were not initially part of the program, showed the most progressive improvement from the exercise regime.’

    ‘Other very clear improvements demonstrated by all participants included increased movement fluidity, increased stamina, and, most importantly, an improvement in confidence.’

    ‘One of the biggest success stories is of a resident who, before the exercise program, was reluctant to get out of bed or leave her room. Six weeks later, and she is now fully mobile and independently accessing the lift to come and join in the class.’

    ‘It is due to success stories such as these that we decided to turn the research project into one of our enhanced service options offered through our Lifestyle Choices Plus Program, so that other residents can reap the benefits of regular resistance training in the future.’

    ‘Other enhanced service options available for purchase at Resthaven Mount Gambier include High Teas, and our Companion Service, where a Resthaven staff member accompanies residents offsite to appointments, social outings, or anything else they’d like to do.’

    ‘We are really pleased to be able to offer these Lifestyle Choices Plus “enhanced service options” to residents for a fee, so that they can tailor their Resthaven care experience to meet their individual wellness goals.’

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