• ‘Farewell’ – From the CEO

    ‘Farewell’ – From the CEO

    Today, I farewell Resthaven after 34 years, 27 of those as CEO.

    I wish to acknowledge my appreciation of the valued relationships and kindred spirit of the many individuals I have had the good fortune to work with over time.

    I wish incoming Resthaven CEO, Darren Birbeck, all the best, and trust his experience will be as fulfilling as mine in this wonderful organisation.

    I reflect on the many people who have contributed to building Resthaven as it is today – from the Board, Executives, staff and volunteers.

    Noting this important work is one aspect of the quote by Mahatma Ghandi that ‘The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members’.

    Together, the Resthaven community has sought to encourage positive images of aged care, and the active and meaningful contributions of older individuals to our community.

    Resthaven continues to challenge negative stereotypes and showcase the positive aspects of working in aged care.

    I have valued working collegiately with others in the sector who have a kindred spirit and common purpose, both locally and nationally.

    Here at Resthaven, I will miss the day to day interactions with everyone across this wonderful organisation. Our people, whose care and dedication I highly value, share the purpose of working with older individuals when they come to a time where support is required.

    I have always found inspiring the passionate speech by Dr Martin Luther King Jr, ‘I have a Dream’ – a message for all people of various backgrounds, working together for a better world, where all are treated equally.

    In Resthaven’s context, this would be a world where older individuals will receive quality services when and where required; where they are acknowledged and respected for the great contributions they have and do make; and where those working in aged care are truly recognised for the wonderful and important work they do.

    Thank you, and farewell.

    Richard Hearn

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