• Cosy Pouches for Orphaned Animals – Fauna Rescue SA

    Residents at Resthaven Marion have been busy making ‘joey pouches’ for Fauna Rescue SA.Fauna Rescue

    Resthaven Marion Lifestyle Coordinator, Karen Neighbour, explains, ‘Mrs Alma “Billie” Giampaoli [right] is an animal lover. So when she heard about the plight of the joeys, possums and other fauna who are orphaned due to road accidents or bushfires, she set to work, along with several other Resthaven Marion residents and staff, to knit cute and cuddly gifts for furry friends at Fauna Rescue SA!’

    ‘The ladies created warm, cosy pouches for a variety of orphaned wildlife. The pouches replicate their mother’s pouch, giving them a feeling of safety and security.’

    ‘When the pouches were ready, we were delighted that volunteers from Fauna Rescue SA visited Resthaven Marion to collect them.’

    ‘As an added bonus, the Fauna Rescue SA volunteers brought along some of their “babies” for residents to touch and hold.’

    ‘The joeys and koala were adorable!’

    Fauna Rescue‘Residents enjoy giving back to the community, and helping the orphaned wildlife gives them a great deal of joy’, Karen says.

    Resthaven offers a varied lifestyle program at each residential aged care home in South Australia.

    Left: Mrs Melvina Booth with one of the furry visitors.