• Fostering the future of aged care

    Fostering the future of aged care

    2022 Resthaven Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Scholarship recipient, Kahlila Murray

    Resthaven is committed to the future workforce of aged care and continues to fund various scholarships across South Australian universities.

    This year’s recipient of the Resthaven Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Scholarship, Kahlila Murray, shares her excitement for the future:

    ‘This incredible opportunity has greatly aided me in my third year of study [Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Honours, University of South Australia].’

    ‘It has allowed me to focus on my studies without the burden of financial stresses—I can feel confident knowing my grades have improved, my brain is expanding daily, and I love what I am learning.’

    Kahlila shares some of her career aspirations, ‘When I graduate, I’d like to pursue work in rehabilitative care for older adults, with an interest in hospital, aged care and community.’

    ‘I believe this opportunity will give me a clear insight into the diverse range of opportunities I will have when it is time to begin my career.’

    ‘I have no doubt that the dreams I have of working with older adults will be pursued, for which I am overwhelmed with excitement!’

    ‘I would like to thank Resthaven for believing in me to pursue my goals, and I look forward to the day I can say I have made a positive difference in someone’s life.’

    We wish you all the best, Kahlila!

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