• Walter’s loyal companion: A four-legged volunteer

    Walter’s loyal companion: A four-legged volunteer

    Four-legged volunteer, Quaid, formed a special connection with Resthaven Mitcham resident, Mr Walter Semmelmann, who is always first on Quaid’s visiting list!

    Quaid is accompanied on his visits by fellow volunteer, and doting owner, Diana Walters. She explains, ‘Many residents anticipate our visits each Tuesday, when Quaid and I slowly make our way to each room for a pat.’

    ‘One aspect that makes Quaid a perfect volunteer, is that he gets along with everyone he meets, but it has quickly become clear who his favourite resident is.’

    ‘After only a couple of visits to see Walter, we arrived at reception, and Quaid started making his way over to his room unprompted—he knew exactly who he was going to visit first!’

    ‘Quaid seems to know when Tuesday rolls around, and he’s eager to get out the door to visit his friend at Resthaven Mitcham.’

    ‘Walter also looks forward to Tuesday’s visit—so much so, that he now keeps a bag of treats in his closet just for Quaid.’

    ‘Once we are there, they both have a big smile on their faces, and Quaid is quite happy sitting in his favourite spot by his chair to receive pats, and of course, his treats!’

    ‘I have since learned from Walter’s daughter, Karin, that dogs have been a constant throughout her dad’s life.’

    ‘It is special to know that although Walter no longer has a dog of his own, he still has a loyal companion by his side.’

    Thank you for facilitating such a beautiful connection, Diana.

    Pet lovers are welcome to visit and form connections with the older people we support. Call us on 8373 9036 or visit our volunteering page for more details.

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