• Generators installed at Resthaven

    South Australia may have a big battery, but just in case, Resthaven has committed to installing generators to ensure power for essential services.

    Generators being installed at Resthaven LeabrookOn 28 November 2017, the first of several power generators to be installed at all Resthaven residential sites was delivered to Resthaven Paradise.

    ‘We are committing to install generators at each of our eleven residential homes in response to the significant power shortage risks that are reported for South Australia,’ says Richard Hearn, Chief Executive Officer Resthaven.

    ‘The Resthaven Board approved a review of residential sites with a view to installing generators, following consideration of our business continuity plans, the storms last year that resulted in a state wide blackout, and the forecast power concerns for the next few years.’

    ‘The generators will assist in times of electricity blackouts, to minimise discomfort and risk to residents.’

    ‘The majority of this $2.5million project will be completed by the end of the year, with the final generator being installed at the new Resthaven Aberfoyle Park site prior to it’s opening in mid to late 2018.’

    ‘Sites which are currently undergoing major building projects will have generators installed at different times specific to their build.’

    ‘Resthaven’s head office will also have a generator installed to ensure business continuity.’

    Resthaven works together with older people and their carers to provide outstanding care and support throughout metropolitan Adelaide and in regional South Australia.