• Giving back through ‘Trees for Life’

    CRS clients Allan and Ian with HSW Maurice growing seedlings for Trees for LifeResthaven customers enjoy giving back to the community at Christmas.

    ‘Each year, Resthaven Community Respite Services supports Trees for Life, with participants of the ‘The Shed’ program growing seedlings,’ Carole Matthews, Manager Resthaven Community Respite Services, explains.

    ‘We have a large shed located just off Township Road, Marion, near the Hersey Cottages, where we host a number of group respite programs. Participants are involved in a range of activities, including some that benefit the wider community.’

    ‘Growing seedlings for revegetating areas that have been devastated by fires or over-cleared, gives everyone a great feeling of contributing to something worthwhile.’

    ‘Over several years now, the team has grown around two thousand trees. The 2017–18 growing season began in November, when the team started the process of filling 600 tubes with potting mix, and planting seeds that will grow into giant Mallee Gums, Eucalypts and Acacias.’

    ‘The Shed’ operates four days a week, and provides opportunities for people to get together for a chat and a ‘tinker’ on one of a number of projects —and grow trees!’

    Resthaven Community Respite Services support carers of older people, by giving them a break from their caring role, offering support and information, and opportunities to develop friendships with others ‘who understand’ and support networks with other carers.

    ‘Most have not planned to become a carer — rather they have found themselves in that position.’

    ‘It can be challenging and rewarding, frustrating and enlightening. Each person deals differently with being a carer. But everyone appreciates support from others.’

    ‘Friends and family of a carer can assist through sharing the load and recognising that with a little help, the carer can keep on doing what they do. This is particularly so at times such as Christmas, when there is a lot happening.’

    Resthaven has a very popular booklet offering tips and suggestions for carers that was created by, and for, carers of older people, called, With a little help. Download it here: https://www.resthaven.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/resthaven-with-a-little-help-carer-booklet.pdf

    Resthaven Community Respite Services offer in-home and centre-based respite for carers, including extended day and overnight respite services.

    For more information, telephone 8358 3173, or visit www.resthaven.asn.au.

    Looking for community respite or services for carers? Call 8198 2060