• ‘Gnome’ more funny business at Resthaven Westbourne Park!

    ‘Gnome’ more funny business at Resthaven Westbourne Park!

    When Resthaven Westbourne Park resident, Mrs Weronika McMerrick, saw that the site garden gnomes were looking a little tired, she decided to do something about it.

    Mrs McMerrick, a former cake decorator, is singlehandedly restoring the gnomes to their former glory, with some minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint.

    Resthaven Westbourne Park Lifestyle Coordinator, Verona Rix, says, ‘Our gnomes have lived in the site gardens for many years.’

    ‘The gnomes are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and carrying out their duties at night – they’ve planted many a wildflower in the garden, bringing joy and whimsy to residents.’

    ‘They have also ensured that the roses in the garden area are colourful and have many flowers.’

    ‘With all this hard work over the years, their colour has faded, and Mrs McMerrick wants to bring them back to life with her fierce determination!’

    ‘She has commenced work on one gnome, and it is looking great. The other is sitting in the garden, eagerly awaiting its turn.’

    ‘Mrs McMerrick is thoroughly enjoying the restoration, which has luckily coincided with some unseasonably warm autumn weather. This has enabled her to sit outside in the pergola area to work on the gnomes.’

    ‘Thank you, Mrs McMerrick – I’m sure the gnomes can’t wait to look their best again!’

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