• Governor takes time to thank Resthaven staff

    Message of support from South Australian Governor, the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC

    On Friday 17 April, Former Resthaven CEO, Richard Hearn, was delighted to take a telephone call from the South Australian Governor, the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, to appraise himself of how aged care aspects were coping and to thank all the aged care workers who are making such a difference to people’s lives.

    Richard says, ‘His Excellency enquired about how Resthaven is coping with COVID-19, and shared that he has a great sensitivity for the workers in aged care.’

    ‘His Excellency asked after our staff, residents, and clients living in their homes in the community. I told him that we are under significant pressure.’

    ‘I reassured His Excellency that we have no COVID-19 outbreaks in our community at Resthaven. However, we continue to work hard to minimise the risk of an outbreak.’

    ‘I shared some difficult aspects and impacts in how we are implementing restrictions for visitors and families in residential aged care homes.’

    ‘I mentioned the ways we are trying to supplement the visitor restrictions with contacts with family members and or representatives.’

    ‘We also discussed home care, and the issue where some clients have withdrawn from their services due to the pandemic. We are monitoring this carefully.’

    ‘Overall, I expressed that both state and federal Government were doing good things, but that more resources in aged care are urgently required.’

    ‘I am very proud of Resthaven’s focus on high quality aged care services, and it pleased me immensely to hear this reinforced by someone in such high standing in the South Australian community.’

    ‘Finally, we spoke about the aged care workforce, and agreed that they are heroes; he reflected that they be recognised for the great work they do, and I couldn’t agree more.’

    ‘I thank His Excellency and his wife for the great support they have shown to aged care over many years.’

    I asked His excellency, is there is a message that I could share with staff and residents and clients?

    ‘His Excellency has prepared a message to the people of South Australia, the text of which can be found here.’

    ‘I encourage you to read it, or view the video clip of him presenting this message, found on the homepage of his website: https://governor.sa.gov.au/

    ‘It shows His excellency’s deep concern as we all work to come through these difficult times together, building and re-building.

    ‘I thank everyone who works in aged care services for the important work you do.’

    Celebrating 85 years in 2020, Resthaven supports older people in their carers across South Australia.