• More than half a century of service at Resthaven Mitcham

    Resthaven Mitcham Aged Care Gardens‘Resthaven has been providing high quality residential aged care services at Mitcham for more than 50 years,’ says Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hearn.

    ‘It was the first purpose built Resthaven site, and has been a landmark in the area since 1962.’

    ‘Thousands of older people have called Resthaven Mitcham home over the years. Many have come from the local area, wanting to stay in their familiar neighbourhood when a move to residential care was necessary,’ Richard explains.

    ‘We believe it is very important to maintain high standards of care and accommodation to ensure that the accommodation offered is in keeping with current expectations. This is why we are currently undertaking $13.8m self-funded redevelopment at Resthaven Mitcham.’

    ‘We are replacing old shared rooms with no bathrooms, in buildings that are up to 54 years old, with mostly single, spacious, modern rooms with ensuites.’

    ‘I am delighted that stage one construction is underway, with a relocation of the entrance from 48 Smith-Dorrien Street to 17 Hill Street, Kingswood. This will be the permanent main entrance at the end of the redevelopment, and is where the original entrance was from 1962 until 2006, when the last major upgrade was completed. The maximum approved service size has not changed over the past decade.’

    ‘The development will be undertaken in three phases, with a final completion expected around April 2018. Such a project normally requires significant engagement with council. This has been happening and will continue to happen as is required.’

    ‘We recently created a new entrance on Hill Street with additional onsite parking.’

    ‘I am sorry that there are some continuing concerns about traffic being expressed. There are historic, broad traffic management issues that are linked to general “through traffic” in this area, as there are several schools and Mitcham Square shops nearby.’

    ‘Traffic matters are a local government responsibility, and I understand that Mitcham Council undertakes traffic management studies as part of their normal traffic monitoring. The condition of footpaths is also the Council’s responsibility.’

    ‘We will be constructive in our assessment of any particular proposal Council identifies in future.’

    ‘With respect to those traffic matters directly now related to our development and builder contractor activity, we will continue to be sensitive to this and, where feasible, will explore other options.’

    ‘As with all large developments, the construction itself requires a related workforce not there during normal operations, and this is temporary.’

    ‘A number of specific traffic matters were considered in the Development Application process, including related expert and Council management assessment and opinion. There was consistency in these assessments as it applied to our development and in the approval process.’

    ‘However, it seems there are some whose views disagree with the independent umpire’s assessment and approval of the key merits of our development and purpose. Nonetheless, it has been approved and we intend to continue with improving the standards available at the site for our deserving older and frail residents.’

    ‘After all, we have to consider what is in the best interests of the 107 people who currently live at Resthaven Mitcham.’

    With humble beginnings, today, Resthaven shares the lives, aspirations, experience and wisdom of more than 9,000 older people and their carers, supporting them to remain independent for as long as possible.

    Resthaven is a not for profit, aged care community service associated with the Uniting Church in Australia, working together to provide outstanding care and support for older people and their carers.

    Note: Resthaven Mitcham should not be confused with Mitcham Residential Care on Harrow Terrace at Kingswood.