• Happy and satisfied with Resthaven

    Happy and satisfied with Resthaven

    Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services client, Mr Leslie Newton (92), recently contacted Resthaven Head Office to pass on some wonderful feedback about the services he receives.

    Mr Newton, who is supported by Resthaven to live independently in his own home in Strathalbyn, says, ‘I am really happy and satisfied with Resthaven.’

    ‘Three Resthaven staff come to help me three days a week to shower, dress, make the bed, and sweep the floor.’

    ‘They take turns coming on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.’

    ‘They do a damn good job. They help me out a lot and their chats make my day!’

    Mr Newton has been living in Strathalbyn for more than 50 years, and one of his favourite things is his large garden. With Resthaven’s support, he can continue to live independently at home and enjoy it.

    He says, ‘When the staff have finished [their jobs], they write in their book and sit and chat, or have a cuppa.’

    ‘It really helps me through the day.’

    ‘I plan on staying in my own home for as long as possible, and I’m glad I can with Resthaven’s help!’

    Need some help to remain living at home?