• Happy Lunar New Year!

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    Richard Hearn, Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, was delighted to receive a greeting from Arnop Chirakiti, founder of the Baan Sudthavas Foundation in Thailand that supports destitute elderly women in Bangkok.

    Resthaven has worked collaboratively with Arnop over several years. In his greeting, accompanied with an image representing the Year of the Pig, Arnop says, ‘Thailand is a multicultural society. We observe Thai New Year, Chinese New Year and International New Year.’

    ‘It was a timely reminder of what is important in other cultures’, Richard says. ‘Resthaven supports older people of all backgrounds through tailored assistance.’

    ‘We have developed a diversity statement that reflects our commitment to diversity; Resthaven is a richly diverse South Australian community founded on the principles of inclusion and unity, embracing and respecting each person’s beliefs, culture, language, background, lifestyle, life experiences and values.

    Happy Chinese New Year 2019Resthaven’s Multicultural Project Officer, Priscilla de Pree, explains, ‘In recognising that many people come from other countries and have diverse backgrounds, Resthaven acknowledges special events in our leisure and lifestyle activities and group social programs.’

    ‘Every year, I provide a calendar of religious and cultural events to assist in planning activities throughout the year.’

    ‘I am available to assist our teams in residential and community services with resources and contacts to organise their activities and in understanding the diversity of our community.’

    ‘Where appropriate, we incorporate cultural activities and events at our residential services, often reflecting the heritage of the consumers, their interests and ideas. Cultural days may also reflect the diversity of the workforce.’

    Thuy Pam with Yvonne Rose

    ‘These activities help integrate our increasingly diverse workforce by facilitating interaction between residents and staff. Our workforce is comprised of people from more than 50 nations. Residents are often genuinely interested in the cultural differences and want to learn and understand a little of each person’s background.’

    Currently, staff of Chinese heritage represent the fourth largest group of Resthaven staff with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.’

    ‘Tuesday, 5 February, is the start of the new lunar cycle. Many Asian cultures celebrate the lunar new year, also known as the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival.’

    ‘It is the first day of the new year in the Chinese calendar, and has been celebrated since pre-historical times. This calendar is based on a twelve-year cycle, so it is different to the Gregorian calendar.’

    ‘Every year of the Chinese calendar is represented by one of twelve zodiac animal signs, and in 2019, it is the Year of the Pig.’

    ‘At Resthaven Marion and Craigmore, residents have been creating Chinese lanterns and other decorations in recognition of the lunar new year.’

    Elaine Cotton and Betty Orman with the dragon they made‘At Resthaven Paradise, Lifestyle Coordinator, Thuy Pham, will give a presentation on her Vietnamese culture and how they celebrate the occasion. She will also outline the slight differences between the cultures in how they celebrate. She will bring her traditional costumes to show the residents and will give out the traditional red envelopes.’

    ‘The residents will help Thuy to assemble a ‘dragon’ decoration, and she will explain the Dragon dance, a traditional dance performed in Chinese culture.’

    ‘They really enjoy this type of activity that helps their understanding of other cultures.’

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