• ‘If you can help people, then you should — that’s what life is all about, after all.’

    ‘If you can help people, then you should — that’s what life is all about, after all.’

    On 10 April, Mrs Anne Hume will blow out 100 candles on her birthday cake at Resthaven Port Elliot. She shares what is most important in life as she reflects on her centenarian milestone.

    Growing up in Largs, Scotland, Mrs Hume has always found herself by the sea.

    Black and white photo of Anne Hume feeding the birds
    Mrs Anne Hume

    Mrs Hume says, ‘I was an only child, but I kept myself busy collecting shells near my home—I loved spending time on that beach.’

    ‘During the war, I became a trained nurse, and I went off to work, looking after children. I always loved children, and they loved me.’

    Throughout this time, Mrs Hume attended the Scots Army dance, and came across a soldier named Jim.

    ‘Jim asked me to dance with him, and the rest was history. We carried on dancing together for many years during our marriage.’

    The married couple quickly became known in their neighbourhood for their charitable nature, beginning with fostering newborns in their Scottish home.

    ‘It was always important for me to look after children, no matter the circumstance, and Jim had a kind heart to assist me in my purpose.’

    It wasn’t long before Mr and Mrs Hume welcomed four children of their own, two girls and two boys.

    In 1960, when they were expecting their fifth child, the family relocated to Australia, taking them four weeks by ship to arrive.

    ‘We were looking for a better life, and it was a choice between Canada and Australia. We liked the warmer weather, so we chose Australia!’

    Mr and Mrs Hume on their wedding day
    Mr and Mrs Hume on their wedding day

    Settling in Elizabeth, the family enjoyed their family home for many years, becoming actively involved in the local Presbyterian church.

    ‘The children went off to school, and I became a kindergarten teacher with the church. We enjoyed a quiet life together there.’

    During retirement, Mr and Mrs Hume purchased their next home in Moana; ‘I was delighted to live by the sea again, and we were close to our children and grandchildren who lived in the area.’

    Throughout her life, Mrs Hume found immense joy in her hobbies, dabbling in dressmaking, China painting, patch work, quilting, and making dolls and teddy bears. She explains, ‘I was always quite good at anything that required my hands.’

    Upon retiring, Mr and Mrs Hume travelled to Canada, the Philippines, Scotland, and back again. Once they were finished travelling internationally, they purchased a caravan, travelling regularly across Australia over several years.

    ‘We always kept busy and thrived on adventure. We had a good life together before his passing, and surrounded ourselves with family—five children, eight grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.’

    Reflecting on 100 years of life, Mrs Hume shares, ‘Family is everything, and if you can help people, then you should—that’s what life is all about, after all.’

    Now, Mrs Hume continues to live by the sea at Resthaven Port Elliot, a short drive away from family who reside in Moana.

    Many happy returns, Mrs Hume!

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