• ‘The day I started, is the day I fell in love with it,’ says Robyn

    ‘The day I started, is the day I fell in love with it,’ says Robyn

    ‘The day I started working in aged care, is the day I fell in love with it,’ says Home Support Worker, Robyn Jones.

    ‘I have been working in the aged care sector for around 20 years, a lot of that being in residential care.’

    ‘It’s the conversations that I have with older people that has always appealed to me and is a big reason why I have never left.’

    During her time as a personal care worker, her mother was diagnosed with dementia.

    ‘I needed time off from my job to look after Mum, and I returned about six months later. Coming back, I needed more flexibility – that’s when I found Resthaven.’

    ‘A friend recommended Resthaven Onkaparinga Community Services, as a Home Support Worker. That was it really!’

    ‘Resthaven has always given me the flexibility I needed, but also, being in the role of Home Support Worker allows me to work around my life.’

    Robyn recommends Resthaven to anyone looking for a fulfilling career.

    ‘During my time at Resthaven, I have always been fully supported whenever I’ve needed to be, in my private life as well as my role as a Home Support Worker.’

    ‘I have never experienced anything like this before in a workplace.’

    ‘Of course, the best part about my job is the clients, and always will be.’

    ‘They are all so beautiful, and they genuinely look forward to telling me about their week – I’m a chatter, so it works for me!’

    Robyn’s love of aged care has even persuaded those around her to get involved.

    ‘My husband had a stressful job for years, and he said to me one day, “I want to do what you do”.

    ‘It’s been really great for both of us, and now we can take our motorhome out every two weeks if we want to!’

    ‘As you get older, it’s more about finding fulfilment in what you do, and I know I have found that here.’

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