• Donna’s Home Support Worker role

    Donna’s Home Support Worker role

    Since leaving her insurance job to join Resthaven as a Home Support Worker, Donna Felce hasn’t looked back.

    Donna, who made the bold career move only a short time ago, says, ‘I spent 15 years in insurance – before that, payroll and banking.’

    ‘My daughter was doing a nursing degree, and we talked about the sort of stuff she was doing.’

    ‘It brought home to me the real need that is out there in aged care; and there I was, typing away six hours a day.’

    ‘So I decided to make the move, and I’m so glad I did.’

    Donna, who is nearing 60, explains, ‘As Home Support Workers, we’ll go out to see the clients to do personal care, domestic duties, some transport, taking people shopping, various things.’

    ‘The things I enjoy the most is probably the variety, and the sheer satisfaction I’m getting from my clients. If those clients are getting half as much out of this as me, I’d be very happy.’

    ‘Resthaven is a great organisation to work with; very supportive, always there at the end of the phone if we’ve got any issues.’

    ‘Management has great contact with us. They’ve really bridged the gap between management and staff.’

    ‘They’re always approachable, and there’s always people on hand to help out.’

    ‘I think it’s important that, as we get older, individuals have that choice, as far as possible, to stay in their own home if that’s what they want to; and Resthaven is to support that.’

    ‘I go home at the end of each day knowing I’ve made a difference to people’s lives.’

    ‘It makes me feel good, and hopefully it’s made them a lot happier.’

    ‘I’m absolutely loving it, I can’t say a bad thing about it. You go home feeling so satisfied.’

    Thank you for sharing your experience as a Home Support Worker, Donna!

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