• Hot Rod visit to Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

    Hot Rod visit to Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

    On 31 October, Housekeeping Services Assistant, Kay Sheppard, delighted residents when she brought her bright yellow 1925 Chev Tourer ‘hot rod’ to work.

    Hot rod at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park‘The car only comes out on nice days, as it has no windows!’ says Manager Residential Services, Resthaven Aberfoyle Park, Mia Brooks.

    ‘According to Kay, it took around five years to rebuild, and will travel to Ballarat in November.’

    ‘Kay and family are avid Hawthorn footy club members, and would one day like to put a brown stripe down the side!’

    ‘Everyone was very impressed by the ‘hot rod’ visit.’

    ‘Thank you, Kay!’

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