• The Human Worth of our Neighbour

    The Human Worth of our Neighbour

    When I was much younger, I was told, as many others were, that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes.

    I would like to add another item to that short list, and that is that we are all born as whole, precious human beings. We are all born with the same innate sense of value and worth.

    Some of us may achieve high status in life and be greatly admired, and some may take a more lowly path. We all wholly share a fundamental sense of human value.

    Historically, there are people who were treated as if they were lesser human beings. Slaves were treated as objects to be bought or sold. People with disabilities have been regarded as ‘not normal,’ whatever that means.

    The truth is that we are all imbued with a fundamental, whole, value, regardless of our abilities, age, achievements, family, or country of birth.

    What does this say to us? It says that no matter who we are, rich or poor, able bodied or impaired, elderly, young or in between, we all have a sense of worth that may enrich our neighbour, as does our neighbour to us.

    When we look to our neighbour may we see them in all their God-given preciousness and human worth.



    Rev Dr Trevor Whitney

    Coordinating Chaplain
    Resthaven Craigmore