• ‘If you love what you do, then it’s not work’, says Billie

    ‘If you love what you do, then it’s not work’, says Billie

    Since Billie Garden commenced with Resthaven ten years ago, she has gone from Home Support Worker to Relieving Assistant Manager Community Services – and she still loves her work now just as much as she did when she started.

    Billie says, ‘I have a real passion for the aged care industry.’

    ‘The support I receive within Resthaven has also kept me happy in my career for a decade.’

    ‘A big reason for me loving where I work, is that everyone is so approachable – and I mean everyone!’

    ‘It is not often that senior management, especially the CEO, knows you by name and actually comes up to talk to you – but they do’.

    ‘It’s a very supportive environment, it doesn’t matter what role you are in. You have that respect and support, and it makes all the difference’.

    Billie praises management over the years for encouraging her to further her career, saying, ‘There has always been someone, no matter what role I’m in, who has seen my potential and helped push me to do more with my skills and my passion.’

    ‘I can’t thank my managers over the years enough – it has been completely genuine and unlike any other organisation I have worked for.’

    Billie has worked in the Relieving Assistant Manager role for the last four months, and thoroughly enjoys the variety of work. Her favourite part so far is the ability to ‘build up my team, and guide them to always do better.’

    ‘I love learning, and because I have worked in multiple roles over the decade, I have enjoyed passing on that knowledge to other staff members as part of my role,’ she says.

    Billie hopes to continue learning and working with Resthaven Community Services, whilst spreading her love for aged care to others.

    ‘If you love what you do, then it’s not work.’

    Resthaven Community Services supports older people to live independently in their own homes in the community through a range of in-home support and centre-based wellness programs. To find out more, phone 1300 13 66 33.

    Resthaven’s residential and in-home care and support options are offered throughout metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Riverland, Barossa, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Limestone Coast.

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