• Resthaven’s intergenerational visit from Montessori

    Resthaven’s intergenerational visit from Montessori

    On Friday 24 March, Resthaven Marion Community Services were delighted to host an intergenerational visit with the Montessori Learning Centre, which Coordinator, Monika Lyckholm, says will be the ‘first of many’.

    ‘We are so excited to be back in contact with Montessori; our clients and the children from the centre love these catch ups, which, unfortunately, went into hiatus in 2020 due to COVID-19.’

    ‘Clients were thrilled to spend the morning with the children, and were encouraged to bring in, or choose from our shelves, a special stuffed toy to break the ice.’

    Sitting around in a circle, the Montessori children walked up to the clients and their teddies, introducing themselves and their fluffy friends, before settling in for story time.Intergenerational photo of a young child and elderly woman

    Coordinator, Nadia Hannam, enthusiastically read Andrew Daddo and Jonathon Bentley’s ‘First Day’, before moving onto Craig MacLean’s, ‘What noise comes from a giraffe?’.

    ‘The children loved it! Clients were full of smiles as the children laughed away at Nadia’s big expressions.’

    Resthaven Western Community Services client, Mr Keith Collier, made sure not to miss out, regardless of location. He explains, ‘I am not in the area, but I didn’t want to miss it, so my coordinator organised for me to have transport to and from the [Resthaven Marion Community Services] office.’

    ‘It is great that I have more options on what I can join, and that I am included no matter where I am. They are very good at doing that for me,’ he says.

    Mr Graham Wetter holding a yukelele
    Mr Graham Whetter

    A strong highlight of the day was when client, Mr Graham Whetter, picked up his ukulele to play for the group (pictured right).

    Mr Whetter says, ‘I used to be in a jazz band back in the day, and we played gigs all over Adelaide.’

    ‘I always loved when I could play for children. To see the pure joy on their faces is why I do it.’

    ‘I don’t get much time with them these days… my kids and their kids are all grown up! I am glad I was encouraged to play today,’ he says.

    The group enjoyed Mr Whetter’s performance of ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, and ‘The Cat Came Back’, before saying their goodbyes for the day.

    Monika says, ‘Clients had such a positive response from today’s activity, we are all looking forward to welcome Montessori students back again for another story time.’

    This is just one of the many enriching activities offered by Marion Community Services. If you would like to join in the fun, phone 8306 4400 to find out more.