• International Women’s Day 2019

    International Women’s Day 2019

    International Women’s Day is Friday 8 March 2019. This year’s theme is ‘Balance for Better’.

    Manager Residential Services, Resthaven Port Elliot, Pamela Alde, talks about what International Women’s Day means to her.

    ‘To me, the “Balance for Better” theme represents an imperative for a gender balanced workforce, where all people are equally valued for their unique contributions,’ says Pam.

    ‘It also heralds the ever-challenging need for work-life balance.’

    ‘My passion for the work that I do has, at times, challenged my capacity to balance my professional and personal life. I am acutely aware that, in an industry where our core business is to care for others, it is essential that we first nurture and care for our co-workers and ourselves.’

    Despite achieving many qualifications, awards and accolades throughout her career, Pam says that these ‘pale into insignificance when compared to the simple acts of kindness I observe being undertaken each day by the team at Resthaven Port Elliot.’

    ‘For me, the privilege of leading a team of people who are genuinely committed to making a positive difference to the lives of older people is my greatest achievement.’

    ‘As a leader, I am committed to the concept of kindness, and that means helping all members of the team to reach their fullest potential.’

    ‘To women thinking about their careers, I say: believe in yourself, and have confidence.’

    ‘Be clear about your goals for the future. Be realistic, but aim high. Don’t accept second best.’

    ‘Above all, take care of yourself. Balance is essential.’

    Interestingly, Pam’s greatest female influence in her life was her Year 12 English teacher.

    ‘I will never forget her,’ says Pam, ‘She taught me to take nothing for granted, to question everything, and to celebrate difference and uncertainty.’

    ‘She was a skilled critical thinker and a woman far ahead of her time. She was a powerhouse.’

    Despite her formidable intellectual talents, Pam ‘is not an especially ambitious person; I am quite simply committed to continuing to lead a team of people at Resthaven Port Elliot focussed on providing exceptional care to older people.’

    ‘I like making a difference, and know that it is often the little things that matter the most to people. I love what I do!’

    Happy International Women’s Day.

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