• Julie celebrates 30 years with Resthaven

    Julie celebrates 30 years with Resthaven

    In January, Resthaven Westbourne Park Lifestyle Assistant, Julie Venables, reached her 30-year milestone with Resthaven.

    Having started in 1992 as a kitchen hand, Julie would never have guessed that she would still be enjoying what she does 30 years later.

    ‘I started looking for employment when my two children went off to school – I had free time on my hands and wanted to get into something meaningful,’ says Julie.

    ‘The first place I looked was Resthaven Westbourne Park, as it was close to their primary school – I remember thinking to myself, “working in aged care wouldn’t be so bad!”’.

    Soon after reaching out, Julie was told there was a job opportunity as a kitchen hand.

    ‘I thought I’d be alright at it, as I had been cooking for my family for years.’

    Julie started right away, enjoying the flexibility of working around her full-time duties as a mum.

    ‘I started slow, only working here and there, and I was soon offered another position with them as a cleaner – so I did those two in conjunction with one another.’

    ‘I got to know the staff pretty well, and the residents too – it wasn’t long before the manager saw my potential and offered to support me through a certificate 3 in nursing.’

    Julie completed her studies and was offered a position on-site, as a personal care assistant – which she enjoyed for many years.

    ‘Around eight years ago, the position opened up for me to become the Lifestyle Assistant. I was a bit nervous about taking it on, but of course, the team around me encouraged me to go for it, and I’ve been doing it ever since!’

    ‘After 30 years in aged care, I am just as passionate as ever about caring for older people, and creating those wonderful connections with people. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.’

    Those who have worked with Julie say, ‘It is a privilege to work with her and to call her a friend – she really does make a difference in people’s lives.’

    CEO, Darren Birbeck, comments, ‘Julie is a delight. Every time that I have met with her at [Resthaven] Westbourne Park, she has demonstrated such a warm and positive attitude. Congratulations Julie. We are so lucky to have you working at Resthaven!’.

    Happy 30th anniversary, Julie.

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