• Key to 75 Year Marriage

    Key to 75 Year Marriage

    ‘Don’t boss each other around’

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jack and Barbara Wilton, who celebrated an amazing 75 years of marriage on 5 August, 2019.

    Mr and Mrs Jack and Barbara Wilton 5 August 1944Mr and Mrs Wilton, who both reside at Resthaven Paradise, met at a dance when Barbara was 18 years old and John was 20.

    The couple ‘waited a few years’ before marrying on 5 August, 1944.

    They went on to have two beautiful children, who have given them many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    Mrs Wilton says that the key to a long and prosperous marriage is: ‘Don’t boss each other around.’

    ‘Wait until everything settles down and ask for each other’s opinion.’

    She also recommends spending time apart to enjoy individual activities. ‘John would be playing golf, and I would be playing bowls,’ she says.

    Sound advice!

    Many happy returns, Mr and Mrs Wilton.

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